Jeff Alworth

Jeff Alworth is a writer living in Portland, Oregon. He began writing professionally over fifteen years ago and has published articles about beer, politics, and religion. In 2015 he came out with The Beer Bible, an extensive guide to the world of beer, as well as Cider Made Simple, in which he explored everything from Oregon hopped cider to English West Country farmhouse cider, Quebec's cidre de glace (ice cider), funky Basque sagardoa, and elegant, effervescent French cidre. 

His past articles have appeared in Sunset, Draft Magazine, The Oregonian, Buddhadharma, and elsewhere—even, in the distant past, in fiction and poetry journals.  In March 2012, Chronicle Books released the Beer Tasting Toolkit, designed to walk drinkers through blind beer tastings.

In addition to The Beer Bible and Cider Made Simple, he writes about beer and cider on his blog, Beervana.