Ellen Cooney

Ellen Cooney is the author of eight novels, as well as stories published in The New Yorker and various literary journals. She has taught creative writing for over twenty-five years, most recently in the Writing Program at MIT and the Extension School at Harvard.

A native of Massachusetts, Ellen now lives on the coast of Maine. Her new novel, The Mountaintop School For Dogs And Other Second Chances, centers around a young woman who impulsively decides to become a dog trainer.

Reviews for The Mountaintop School :

"Cooney’s latest novel is both a joyful romp and a thoughtful meditation. The author’s delicate touch with the pain and trauma endured by abused animals and her sensitive portrayal of dedicated rescuers send a powerful message. Love is a great teacher and we are all a little unadoptable. Readers of Garth Stein and Carolyn Parkhurst will adore this title." --Library Journal

"Cooney’s good-natured narrative teaches readers about many different aspects of dog behavior and training alongside Evie, making the book ideal for animal aficionados...Dog lovers rejoice! Cooney has crafted an uncomplicated, feel-good, canine-filled tale of cross-generational friendship, healing, and solidarity." -- Publishers Weekly

"As knowledgeable as she is about the world of dog rescue and rehabilitation, Cooney (Lambrusco, 2008) is equally empathic in her treatment of a scarred and scared young woman." --Booklist

"This is a jubilant, wise celebration of love, reciprocal between human and canine, in ways profound, moving, and soul saving. Readers will long remember the central humans in this tale—Evie, Mrs. Auberchon, and Giant George—along with the exquisitely drawn cast of rescued dogs who, in their own delightful, mysterious, and silent ways, heal their rescuers wounds. Ellen Cooney has written a funny, joyous, and heartrending book that insists intelligence and kindness must win out over ignorance and cruelty. Exploring the human and canine hearts with equal doses of wisdom and wit, it is surely a book to be read and reread preferably with your dog nestled by your side."—Connie May Fowler, author of Before Women had Wings and When Katie Wakes

"Dogs were bred by us to serve us in practical ways, but then dogs took it on themselves to serve us most profoundly by healing our broken hearts.  Ellen Cooney understands this, and is the kind of keenly observational writer who can detail the path to healing only dogs can provide.  A delightful read for all of us who can't imagine life without dogs." --W. Bruce Cameron, New York Times Bestselling author of A Dog's Purpose and A Dog's Journey

"What Ellen Cooney captures so brilliantly here is the psychological and emotional similarities between dogs and people -- the way both respond to trauma and pain, and the way love and kindness can heal even the deepest wounds. The Mountaintop School for Dogs is a celebration of the bond that has brought canines and humans together for thousands of years. This book will grab your heart and not let go." -- John Grogan, author of Marley & Me: Life and Love With the World's Worst Dog